About us

LKC HOLDINGS SDN BHD started in 1974 as a family enterprise with general transportation as its core business. Since then, powered by visionary leadership that emphasizes excellence and professionalism, the group has grown into one of the leading integrated logistics services providers in the Klang Valley.

Today, the LKC brand of integrated logistics is well established. It has acquired a reputation, especially in the hinterland of Port Klang, Malaysia’s premier seaport, as a reliable heavy haulage specialist.


LKC is a company strong in human resource and finance. It has a workforce of more than 420 employees and asset backing of over RM90 million.

In August 2011, in line with our expansion plans, LKC Holdings acquired QEL group of companies to compliment our total logistic services.We are pleased to welcome our new staff from QEL groups. We now have extended offices located at Kuantan,Penang, Pasir Gudang and Singapore.

Our focus continues to grow both organically and through M&A. In 2011, we formed a JV with our Thai partners in S.Thailand to manufacture gypsum powder. This factory is expected to start operation in mid 2012. We also invested in a slipway next to our jetty site to service our internal tugs and barges. This slipway is expected to be fully operational by end Q1, 2012.

From basic transportation services in the beginning, LKC now provides a range of integrated services that include:

  • Project cargo logistics
  • Global Freight management
  • Barge transportation
  • Inland transportation
  • Hire of trucks, cranes, low loaders and multi-axle trailers
  • Container Shipment
  • Jetty operations
  • Warehousing and open storage
  • Container haulage
  • Forwarding Agencies


QEL was established back in 2003 as a shipping agency house to provide services to ship owners and principals. Over the years, the group has evolved and expanded into other core shipping services covering feedering, freight forwarding, ship broking, isotank agency and other door-to-door logistics services. From a single outfit in Port Klang, the group network has now spread across the country to cover Pasir Gudang, Penang, Kuantan, Kemaman, Port Dickson and Malacca. Among others, we represent shipping lines as direct agent and sub-agent for Far Shipping, MBF Carpenter Shipping, Samudera Shipping Line, TS Line, Emirate Shipping Line, and Trans Asia Line.

The company has also established a few joint venture units with various reputable partners to promote their products and services in Malaysia, namely:

  • Samudera Interrmodal Sdn Bhd, a JV unit with Samudera Shipping Line in Penang and Port Klang, provides full-fledged liner and feeder services within Asia with its regional office located in Singapore and parent head quarter located in Indonesia.
  • Flexi Logistics Agencies Sdn Bhd , a sole distributor for the flexi bags in the liquid bulk sector in SE Asia. It is JVCO with LAF Packaging China which is a professional and leading bulk liquid packaging manufacturer based in Qingtao, China
  • OrientAce Maritime(M) Sdn Bhd, a JV unit with Orient Maritime Group based in Singapore to provide specialised port agency services in 3 countries- Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia- under a common brand name of “Orient” to all ship owners and charterers.

One Stop Center For Project Cargo Logistics

The LKC management team has the experience and expertise accumulated from more than three decades in the transportation business to provide a comprehensive range of services. We provide the convenience of a one-stop centre for our clients’ project cargo handling requirements.


LKC’s large fleet of trucks and trailers, low-loaders and multi-axle trailers supported by trained and experienced drivers is your assurance of reliable and safe, point-to-point inland transportation to any destination in Peninsular Malaysia.

Heavy Haulage – By Sea & On Land

The company has the capability in human and hardware resources and experience to provide reliable services for project cargoes.

Whether by sea or on land, LKC’s track record is your assurance of smooth movement of your project cargoes every single time.

Hire of Heavylift Cranes

LKC’s fleet of heavylift cranes are available for hire.

Plant set up and Heavy Machinery Installation

LKC’s technical team supported by its fleet of specialized equipment is known for their skill in plant erection and positioning of large storage tanks, reactors and transformers. LKC has earned an enviable record for many heavy lifting accomplishments in Malaysia.

Provide Freight Forwarding Service

Awarded in 2012 the prestigious International Integrated Logistics Services (IILS) Status by the Malaysian Government in recognition of our integrated and seamless logistics services along the logistics supply chain as a single entity on a regional and global scale.


LKC’s fleet of heavylift cranes are available for hire.

Distribution Center

The LKC Distribution Centre, which is located in Pulau Indah, near Westports, specializes in the handling of paper products.

In co-operation with our partners’ facilities at both Northport and Westports, we are able to provide regional distribution services for international companies. This includes consignments with duty deferment, value-adding services for trading purposes, re-export and transshipment.

Our Equipment Fleet

Heavylift Cranes

 Make & ModelCapacityUnits
Truck with lattice boom P&H 6250TC 300 tons 1
Truck with lattice boom P&H 9170TC 150 tons 1
Truck with lattice boom P&H 9125TC 127 tons 1
Truck with lattice boom P&H 8115TC 115 tons 1
Crawler crane Kobelco 5170 II 150 tons 1
Crawler crane with lattice boom Kobelco 7055 300 tons 1
Crawler crane P&H 550S II 50 tons 1
Mobile crane with telescopic boom P&H T450 45 tons 2
Mobile crane with telescopic boom P&H T200 20 tons 2
Mobile crane with telescopic boom Kato 200B 20 tons 1
Mobile crane with telescopic boom Tadano TG 1200 120 tons 1
Mobile crane with telescopic boom LTM 1500 Liebberr 500 tons 1

Heavy Haulage Equipment

  Make & Model Capacity Quantity
Multi-axle modular trailer Cometto 1,000 tons 40 lines
Drop deck attachment (6m bed) Cometto 150 tons 1 unit
Bolsters   200 tons 1 set
Bolsters   300 tons 1 set
Elephant stools   150 tons 40 units
Cross beams   90 tons 40 units
Load distribution frame   600 tons 1 unit
Ro ro ramp   600 tons 1 set
Prime mover Scania 144GB 530 hp 1 unit
Prime mover Scania 143 450 hp 2 units
Prime mover Scania 142E 350 hp 2 units
Prime mover Scania R113 320 hp 1 unit
Prime mover Scammel S24 350 hp 1 unit

Transportation Equipment

  Capacity Units
Low loader – 5 axles 60 tons 1
Low loader – 3 axles 38 tons 2
Low loader – 2 axles 20 tons 7
Cargo trailers – 2 axles 20 tons 15
SPMT (selfpropel modular trailer) 156T 1

Our Track record

Find out some of our projects here. We’re proud of the work we do, and the relationships that we’ve developed with our clients. We always strives to outperform and exceeded our client expectations.





















The Management Team

Our management team comprises industry experts with years of experience and with a reputation for service delivery and efficiency.

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Our Holding Company

LKC Holdings Sdn. Bhd. (442869-A)

No. 1, Jalan Kim Chuan, Pandamaran,
42000 Port Klang,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Tel : (603) 3168 7730 / 3168 6737 / 3168 4618 / 3168 4541
Fax : (603) 3168 8570 / (603) 3167 7730
Email : info@lkc-hld.com
URL : www.lkc-hld.com

QEL Group of Companies

No.20A-C, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla Y31/Y
Kota Kemuning 40460, Shah Alam
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Tel: (603) 5623-6200 / 6210 / 6288 / 6300
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Our Subsidiary Company

Syarikat Low Kim Chuan dan Anak-Anak Sdn. Bhd. (17895-P)
(An ISO 9001 Certified Company)   

Syarikat Chui Cheng Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. (130580-U)

Chop Chin Hin Electronic Industries Sdn. Bhd. (71690-W)

LKC Shipping Line Sdn. Bhd. (218923-A)

LKC Distribution Centre Sdn. Bhd. (743489-U)

Brilliant Features Sdn. Bhd. (470346-D)

Cendana Geliga Sdn. Bhd. (341558-M)

Far East Legacy Sdn Bhd (660542-H)

LKC Logistic Solutions (msc) Sdn Bhd (842642-A)

LKC International Ltd (LL07308)

LKC Maritime Ltd (LL07422)

Q Express Line Sdn. Bhd. (842642-A)

QEL Maritime (M) Sdn. Bhd. (663483-D)

EL Shipping Services Sdn. Bhd. (502696-A)

EL & Oriental Shipping Pte Ltd (201023297-H)

EL Shipping (S) Pte Ltd (201002503-C)

Eastern Merge Sdn. Bhd. (758741-D)

LKC offshore Services Ltd (LL07423)

Meridian Blitz

Logisticos Sdn Bhd

LKC Slipway Sdn Bhd

Associate Company

Suprivest Sdn Bhd (387909-H)

Affiliate Company in Sarawak

Megabumi Logistic & Transport Sdn Bhd (1006881-X)
No. 45, 3rd Floor, Block F,
King's Centre,
Jalan Simpang Tiga,
93300 Kuching,

Tel: (6082) 577328
Fax: (6082) 579328
Email: megabumi.logistics@gmail.com

Branch Address

Shah Alam
QEL Group

No.20A-C, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla Y31/Y
Kota Kemuning 40460, Shah Alam
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Tel: (603) 5623-6200 / 6210 / 6288 / 6300
Fax: (603) 5623-6201 / 6211 / 6299 / 6301

Port Dickson
QEL Shipping Services Sdn Bhd
Pusat Perniagaan Lukut Rima,
71000 Port Dickson,
Seremban, Malaysia.

Tel: (606) 775-5011
Fax: (606) 775-5012

QEL Shipping Services Sdn Bhd
No. 8-1, Jalan Ksb 14,
Taman Kota Syahbandar,
75200 Melaka,

Tel: (612) 398-9070
Pic : En. Azizul

QEL Shipping Services Sdn Bhd
Unit 10A, 10th Floor office suite
Northam Venture
NO. 37, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah
10050 Penang, Malaysia

Tel: (604) 229-3461
Fax: (604) 229-3411

QEL Shipping Services Sdn Bhd
B-16, 1st floor, Jalan Gebeng 2/6
Pust Perkhidmatan Gebeng
26080 Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia

Tel: (609) 583-7128
Fax: (609) 583-5228

Pasir Gudang
QEL Maritime (M) Sdn Bhd
91-01, Jalan Molek 3/1
Taman Molek
81100 Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Tel: (607) 353-9933
Fax: (607) 355-6699

QEL Shipping (S) Pte Ltd
QEL & Oriental Shipping Pte Ltd
67 Beach Road #06-01
Bulkhaul House
Singapore 189688

Tel: (65) 6338-8561
Fax: (65) 6338-8939